15 cars broken into, weapons stolen in burglary at Oklahoma church service


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Several firearms remain missing weeks after a series of car break-ins amid a Sunday church service.

“I came out of the church, was about to walk to my car and noticed a lot of commotion in the parking lot and saw mine. The front door was open. The driver’s side front window was punctured,” said Zach Davis, one of the victims.

Davis wasn’t alone — court documents show at least 15 cars were broken into at the Southern Hills Baptist Church.

However, it appears the suspects were only looking for one thing: firearms.

“They just took the gun. And obviously that’s all they took from somebody else,” said Scott Staton, another victim. “My Oakleys were in there. My wallet was open with some cash and some credit cards. They didn’t take that. »

Court documents say the suspects got into a getaway car.

This car hit two others while leaving the scene.

Police arrested two suspects after a short chase in a Walmart parking lot. Both are under 18.

“Ultimately, it will be up to the district attorney’s office to file formal charges, but they have been reserved for burglary complaints,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirks, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The driver of the car has not yet been located.

Guns are still on the loose as well, and even churchgoers are beginning to lose faith.

“I would love to get it back just to avoid the hassle. But, I mean, it’s been like two weeks, I guess now. I mean, each passing day seems less likely to happen,” Staton said.


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