Andhra SC Commission chairman accused of encouraging church planting and conversion


A petition has been filed with the Governor of Andhra Pradesh against the Chairman of the State Scheduled Caste Commission for encouraging church planting and conversion, wrongly invoking the SC/ST Prevention Act atrocities, derogating from Mahatma Gandhi and acting against the orders of the Supreme Court.

Andhra Pradesh State Scheduled Caste Commission Chairman Victor Prasad has been accused of ordering Bapatla District Superintendent of Police to invoke sections of the SC/ST Prevention Act atrocities against those who had opposed the building of an illegal and unauthorized church. in the village of Pittavanipalem of the district.

“This action by the Chairman of the PA State Commission for Scheduled Castes is highly detrimental to the wider interests of members of the Scheduled Caste community in Andhra Pradesh,” said the complaint filed by SC ST Rights. Forum, a legal activism organization that works to safeguard the legal and constitutional rights of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribal communities.

The complaint also added that a person in a constitutional position designed to protect the interests of CSs is encouraging church planting and conversions to Christianity by writing the letters cited above to law enforcement authorities.

“By any stretch of the imagination, the objection to the building of churches cannot be construed as an ‘act of atrocity’ against members of the Scheduled Caste. If granted, the request for inclusion of the provision of the SC-ST Atrocity Prevention Act in this case will amount to a gross abuse of the legal and constitutional protection afforded to members of the SC community,” the complaint noted, a copy of which was viewed by The Commune .

Victor Prasad was also accused of slandering and belittling Mahatma Gandhi. In a Facebook post, he allegedly said that between September 20 and 24, 1932, thousands of villages in India were attacked, homes of Scheduled Castes were burned down, and thousands of Scheduled Castes had been murdered. He also alleged that after the said incident, Dr BR Ambedkar was blackmailed into accepting Poona’s pact instead of the communal award.

“This message was preceded/followed by moving speeches by Sri Victor Prasad reiterating his position. This has led to serious rifts between members of various communities and members of Scheduled Castes,” the complaint states.

“Members of the Arya Vysya community who opposed remarks about Mahatma Gandhi have also received serious warnings from members of SC organisations. Inspired by the remarks of Sri Victor Prasad, these organizations have advanced the smear campaign against Mahatma Gandhi,” the complaint filed by SC ST Rights Forum said.

Victor Prasad had also directed all District Collectors and District Superintendents of Police in Andhra Pradesh to permit, support and protect the erection of statues of Dr BR Ambedkar in public places, stating that the verdict of the Supreme Court prohibiting the installation of statues in public places does not apply to the installation of the statues of Dr. BR Ambedkar.

However, the Supreme Court said the state government would not grant permission for the placement of a statue or the construction of any structure on public roads, sidewalks, sides and other places of utility. public.

Following the above judgment of the Honorable Supreme Court, an order has been passed by the Department of Transport, Roads and Buildings of the Government of Andhra Pradesh which states that permission will not be granted for the facility of a statue or the construction of a structure on public roads, sidewalks, sides and other places of public utility.

The SC ST Rights Forum noted that Victor Prasad’s letter is in direct violation of the Supreme Court verdict and the Andhra Pradesh government order.

“The actions of Shri M. Victor Prasad amount to an abuse of his powers and his continued tenure as Chairman of the PA Scheduled Caste Commission is detrimental to the interests of the Scheduled Caste. Therefore, we ask you to ‘Order an inquiry into the activities of Sri M. Victor Prasad and issue appropriate instructions to safeguard the interests of the Scheduled Castes and avoid a further breakdown of harmonious relations between the members of the various communities in the state of Andhra Pradesh.’ , says the complaint.

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