Anglican Church of Australia split as Tories reject leaders’ endorsement of same-sex marriage


The Anglican Church of Australia split after cConservatives who want to maintain traditional marriage ethics have formed a new diocese which he describes as a “lifeboat” for faithful Anglicans.

The Southern Cross Diocese was announced at the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in Canberra on Sunday. GAFCON is an international coalition of conservative religious leaders, chaired by the Anglican Bishop of Tasmania, Richard Condie.

Condie said in a press release Aug. 15 that the newly formed diocese is a “new structure for Anglicans in Australia who can no longer sit under the authority of their bishop”.

At the recent Lambeth conference, he also noted that the breakaway is a response to declining faith in the Bible, including the church’s rejection of the traditional concept of marriage between a man and a woman and the ” dilution of standards of behavior” by clergy and church workers.

“The issue for us is the authority of the Bible,” Condie said, adding that the interpretation of the Bible has been altered by modern culture.

“For us in our provinces it is not primarily about same-sex sexual practices and unions, but rather that Anglicans seek first and foremost to be guided in their faith and order by scripture, not by the passing cultural waves of Western society.”

“As disciples, we are not told in the scriptures to mold Jesus in ‘our’ image.”

The move comes after the national synod in May saw a majority of bishops refuse to affirm male-female marriage, with progressive bishops saying it excludes the LGBT community.

Church accused of deviating from core Christian beliefs

Charles Sturt University theologian Matthew Anstey argued that progressive Anglicans believe they are “being completely faithful to the scriptures and to God and that our faith is genuine and genuine.

“We also reject the claim that you are capable of passing judgment on our faith.”

However, ethicist Bill Muehlenberg has called the push for same-sex marriage in the Anglican Church “another case of theological liberalism and progressivism that haunts the churches from within.”

In an Aug. 17 comment, he said the church had begun to “clearly deviate from biblical teachings and reject core Christian beliefs and values.”

“It could mean that they are denying basic biblical doctrines or fundamental issues of Christian ethics.”

Meanwhile, LGBT Equality Tasmania group spokesman Rodney Croome told The Mercury the new diocese was “in effect a new anti-LGBTQIA church that will try to stop Australia from being more inclusive”.


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