Apartments planned behind the old Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Sarnia


Plans are underway to build two apartment buildings behind the former Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Trinity house of worship on Exmouth Street.

Official plan and zoning by-law amendments were approved, without objection, for the redevelopment of vacant lots on Monday.

Lead development planner Max Williams said two four-storey apartment buildings, each with 32 residential units, are proposed on two acres at 1244 Exmouth St.

“The property is located on the north side of Exmouth Street, west of Pontiac Court, in an area with mostly single-family residential dwellings to the west and south,” Williams said.

He said the development was appropriate for the land.

“It is on a main thoroughfare and adjacent to a major provincial highway and close to all major services required for multi-unit residential housing.”

Williams said the buildings would be located in the northern part of the site, adjacent to Highway 402, and away from low-density residential uses to the west.

“This separation, along with the retention of mature trees along the east, west and north property lines, would minimize the impact of the proposed buildings on adjacent users.”

Williams said the proposal also supports the city’s goal of intensification and its goal of providing new tenancies on fully serviced urban land.

He said the claimant had not indicated any plans to make any external structural changes to the vacant building of worship, but he had been given permission to convert it to residential use if he so wished.

The worship building, which has three ornate domes, was built in 1969 and sold in January 2021.

Although the building has a number of architectural attributes that would likely meet heritage preservation criteria, it is not listed on the City of Sarnia Heritage Registry and is not protected under the Heritage Act. Ontario heritage.


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