Blackbaud Church Management Software – 2021 Review, Price & Demo


The overall experience has been good. We too were exiting Seraphim Church Management through the acquisition. So the transition was a bit frustrating and a long process. We were also part of the Early Adopter program, which allowed us to give a lot of information on what the final product will look like. Blackbaud has been very responsive and appreciated our suggestions. Some suggestions they took and implemented; some suggestions have been developed not now but in the future; and some suggestions were neither now nor in the future. Overall, Blackbaud ChMS is a much better product than Seraphim and I look forward to all the new features that will be available in the future.


Customer service is amazing. I’ve been able to build a relationship with customer service and I’m not just a “number” but they know who we are and are very good at following up on our issues and needs. I haven’t had to call them on a Sunday yet, but I hope they will be just as responsive as Sunday is our biggest day of use. We have access to a community where we can ask questions and get answers fairly quickly from Blackbaud or others on the community. Child registration is very user friendly and we have received excellent feedback on how easy it is to register children in the system. The live presence is amazing because our principals are able to call her on the phone to verify the numbers against real kids in the classrooms.

The inconvenients

It is not a complete product. I titled my review Almost Excellent ChMS and rated it a 6 on my likelihood of recommending the product primarily because it is not comprehensive. There are a few more things that I would like to see developed as soon as possible. Notifications are the next feature on our to-do list. We need to be able to send push notifications (text or email) to our pastors when tasks are assigned; to our volunteers when assignments are available; and automatic notifications to our small group leaders, such as “Don’t forget to participate” or notifications our small group leaders can send to their group. The bulk email / newsletter designer is a bit clunky. The app is still underdeveloped (only includes a giving aspect) so there is no way to invite the masses to the ChMS because once the app is downloaded they can only give. We were able to invite small group leaders with a small group leader link they created, but they only have access to their group and none of the other aspects of the ChMS like a phone book or our calendar. events.

Not available.

Hi Chris, Thanks for taking the time to review Blackbaud Church Management. We are delighted to have you among our early adopters and thank you for all of your valuable comments. It’s great to hear that checking in the kids and attending live has provided such a positive experience so far. We look forward to continuing to work with you now and in the future! Sincerely, The Blackbaud Team


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