CNLP 524: Joey and Christy Speers on Top Marketing Mistakes Church Leaders Make, How to Get Noticed Online, and Keys to Successful Entrepreneurship in Teens and Twenty-Year-Olds


Joey and Christy Speers, Marketing Experts and Founders of Creativ Rise, Talk Top Marketing Mistakes Church Leaders Make, How to Get Noticed Online, and the Keys to Successful Entrepreneurship When You’re a Youth leader in their teens or twenties.

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Harvard Business Review research found during a recession:

  1. Companies that cut costs faster and deeper than their rivals don’t necessarily thrive
  2. And companies that boldly outspend their rivals during a recession don’t always fare well either.

The study found that there is a sweet spot with 9% of businesses growing during a recession. The key is your strategy.

That’s why we want to invite you to Pro MediaFire’s recession-proof growth strategy webinar this month.

The event is FREE for businesses, nonprofits and churches.

During the webinar, you will:

  1. Learn to discover your sweet spot to thrive
  2. Discover the Growth Hacker framework to grow online
  3. And understand how technology can help you save money and grow

Register for the Recession Proof Growth Strategy webinar today by visiting

Convoy of Hope

And what are you doing to really help people around the world? What do you personally do? What are you doing in your church?

Convoy of Hope, has helped over 100,000 people in Ukraine. They are actively distributing supplies to eight countries: Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Moldova, Bulgaria, and many more. They also helped recent victims of Hurricane Fiona in the Caribbean with food, water and relief supplies.

The average church cannot access these places. You can not do that. You don’t have the scale. Even if you’re a big church, it’s not.

This is why partners like Convoy of Hope are so valuable to churches.

If you would like to help or partner with them, go to

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Convoy of Hope

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Zoe Church pastor and best-selling author, Chad Veach, talks about the pros and cons of celebrity pastors, PreachersNSneakers, reinventing weekend service, doubling down on digital strategy, and how to re-engage people in the local church.

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