Ed Sheeran submits plans to build a burial structure under his church


The “Shvers” singer adds another structure to his “mini-village”. Photo / Getty Images

Ed Sheeran’s final building structure may hint at his final resting place.

The Shivers singer is currently building a boat-shaped church, but the Daily Mail reported that Sheeran had submitted plans to build a burial chamber below the place of worship in his large Suffolk “mini-village” dubbed Sheeranville.

Although the plans have not yet been approved by the city council, Sheeran’s submission could mean he plans to be buried there when the time comes.

The structure of the building is currently under construction, but plans revealed that it took on the influence of a boat with its curved walls. It will also include a main space for activities, a hall, a nave on the ground floor as well as a spiral staircase that leads to a small gallery.

The worship structure will have stained glass windows, while the roof will be lead and “leaf-shaped”. Plans obtained by the Daily Mail say the roof design “reflects shapes and forms familiar to everyone, allowing everyone to interpret its symbolism in their own way”.

The pop star’s initial plan was rejected, but in 2019, after modifying the plans and with the support of her neighbors and the parish council, they were approved.

In 2019, it was also revealed that the singer may have to share his church with members of the public for three years in order for it to be allowed.

Dennington Parish Council Clerk Lydia Kirk commented on the matter at the time, saying that if Sheeran wanted to use the structure for weddings, baptisms and other events he would need a license to do so. and part of the license meant it should “be accessible”. and made available to the public for a period of three years”.

Sheeran’s original request stated that the place of worship would be a private retreat where he, his family and friends could celebrate family milestones, family, events like weddings and baptisms as well as welcoming his guests. from all over the world with all the different times and customs.

It is not yet known whether Sheeran will open the worship structure to the public once completed.


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