Electric future for the church clock


The clock in ST ANDREW’S CHURCH in Moffat has been successfully converted to run on electricity.

The winding mechanism and other internal clockwork at the High Street base will now operate electronically. Previously, the clock was wound by hand five times every two weeks. Now, with the new winding discs, the church bells will ring more regularly, including on New Year’s Eve.

Moffat and the District Community Council contributed £500 to the project and were briefed on its progress at Tuesday’s meeting by Treasurer David Booth, who said: ‘With the bells completed I asked about the New Year’s Eve, and they took me up to the tower and showed me the disc. Now the disc doesn’t have midnight on it so if we want to ring the bells it’s a manual operation but I’ve been assured that it will ring at midnight the bells will ring.

St Andrew’s Session Clerk Donald Walker also wrote a letter to the group thanking them for their support. He said: ‘On behalf of the trustees of St Andrew’s Church, I am pleased to inform you that the overall installation of the electric winding gear is now complete.

“We are immensely grateful for your most generous and worthwhile grant of £500 towards the cost of this project. We are certain that the greater reliability of this will be appreciated and of great benefit to the community as a whole, as it is one of the iconic structures at the entrance to our city.


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