Fresno Tower Theater to Host In-Person Adventure Church Service


FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – For the first time since February, Adventure Church is hosting an in-person Mother’s Day service at Fresno’s Tower Theater.

At the same time, the Save the Tower Theater demonstration committee is planning to protest against the operation of the church from the historic building.

Even as tensions continue to mount in the Tower District over the impending sale of the iconic theater at Adventure Church, Pastor Anthony Flores is moving ahead with the weekend service.

“We want all the moms to come over there,” said Pastor Flores. “We are delighted to be back.”

But not everyone shares this excitement. The Save the Tower demonstration committee, which has begun to oppose the sale of the historic building, is planning a protest at the same time. Members are prepared to report the church to the city for alleged violations of the code.

“We think it’s very clear,” said committee member Jaguar Bennet. “A church is like any private business, it doesn’t give you the right to break the law.”

This will be the 18th protest outside the Tower Theater, some of which have escalated rapidly.

In April, a Fresno police officer was fired for alleged involvement with the far-right group the Proud Boys during a counter-demonstration outside the theater. Later that month, Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer said 60 Proud Boys attended the protest.

A spokesperson for the Fresno Police Department said officers will monitor the protests this weekend. Pastor Flores says the church has hired its own security team and is asking people to enter the back door for security reasons.

“There is nothing to worry about at all,” said Pastor Flores. “You know we’re going to have a good time and create a safe environment. So we’re really excited about it.

Flores says he’s not afraid of being turned into a code enforcement. Meanwhile, the sale of the Tower Theater is still ongoing.


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