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Saratoga United Methodist Church in Lyon County turns 200 this month. The church was founded in September 1822 and has served its community ever since. The congregation invites the public to celebrate with them during a return to the bicentennial on Sunday, September 25.

Special music from the Servant’s Heart Gospel Quartet will begin at 10 a.m., followed by a historic presentation by Justice Bill Cunningham (Retired), a homecoming sermon by Reverend Jamus Redd, and more music and singing from the congregation. A potluck dinner will follow at 12 p.m.

This historic church was established after settlers arrived in what is now the community of Saratoga in the early 1800s. The community was first called Galusha Springs, named after pioneer son-in-law Matthew Lyon , Elijah Galusha; and early members of the church called their place of worship Reed’s Chapel. That all changed a few years later after some local boys tried to prank the owner of a local store. They had heard of trendy Saratoga Springs in New York State, so they painted a board to read “Saratoga Springs” and put it in front of the store. The store owner liked it, the name stuck, and the previous names were dropped. The community became known as Saratoga Springs and the church, Saratoga.

The first church building in Saratoga was constructed of logs; in 1859 this structure was replaced by the one we see today. Just two years after its completion, the land served as the headquarters of a Confederate unit that mingled with Union soldiers in the first of two battles fought in the area. The church itself is a bit rugged: one of the Minié balls that pierced the original facing in October 1861 is visible on the exterior east wall of the church, protected by a Plexiglas window. The church later served as an infirmary and morgue for a nearby 1865 battle that caused more bloodshed than the first. A historical marker was erected in 2019 to commemorate the historic role of the church in the community.

The Saratoga United Methodist Church has come together continuously through times of hardship, conflict and prosperity, and church members invite the public to join them in celebrating this historic milestone. The church is located approximately seven miles east of Eddyville at 2449 KY-293.


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