Making a New Church Member Feel Welcome: 5 Tips


Attending a new church can be stressful. Visitors don’t always know where to go, what to wear or what to expect during the service. Although some new people are simply looking for a new church to attend, others may never have come to church before. Going to a new place is always a little daunting, especially if you want to make a good impression.

The church should be a place of peace, not creating anxiety among visitors. Fortunately, there are several practical steps you can take to anticipate and allay any fears newcomers may have. The scriptures tell us that God appreciates hospitality and welcomes all who come to him. Here are five ways to make a new church member feel welcome.

1. Greet them

When new people come into your church, they should have clear instructions on what to do next. Most churches have hostesses and ushers who can offer a friendly smile, answer all questions and show visitors their seats. Once seated, new visitors will feel relaxed and ready to follow during the service.

During the service, have a built-in welcome time. This gives church members time to introduce themselves and personally greet visitors seated nearby. Clear signage can also help visitors feel welcome. For example, it should be easy to find the bathroom and where the extra exits are.

2. Answer the questions

You can prepare visitors for services by improving your church’s website. Make sure there is a page with information on common questions such as service hours, dress code and childcare. You should also have a page explaining the doctrinal beliefs in simple terms so that newcomers understand the purpose of the church.

Many people join churches because they are looking for a Christian community. If your church has small groups or Bible studies, post information about them on your site too. Include them in weekly church announcements or offer a phone number people can call for more information.

3. Keep it simple

The simpler your service, the more more comfortable people will feel during their visit. If you do something different from other churches, it’s worth explaining at every service. For example, visitors may feel uncomfortable forming prayer groups during the service unless you give them direction.

As much as possible, your service should follow the same basic structure each week. It helps members feel at home and diverts their attention from social anxiety to engaging with the material. If something is going to change, you need to announce it several weeks in advance. New members should be able to easily follow the service without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Practice hospitality

Although Christians call their meeting place “the church”, the real church is made up of the people who go there. It is the responsibility of every member of the church to show hospitality and be welcoming to visitors. Welcoming someone is the most basic way to show love to others.

To help people engage with each other, you can schedule a fellowship time after church. It looks different for every church – some have gatherings once a month and others eat together after every service. You should also encourage church members to invite visitors for outreach activities. like a drink after worka family dinner or a hike.

5. Focus on God

While welcoming newcomers is important, it shouldn’t become your church’s primary focus. Christians gather primarily to worship God. They are encouraged to spend time together and study the Bible. If visitors become your focus, Christians who come to church may feel out of place.

Some visitors may prefer to stay in the background until they feel more comfortable. You should never pressure newcomers into making a commitment they are not ready for or force them to say hello to the whole congregation. Create a peaceful atmosphere by avoiding any form of emotional manipulationmusical or otherwise.

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The scriptures are full of stories about hospitality. From beginning to end, the Bible encourages showing kindness to strangers, caring for newcomers, and creating a culture of hospitality. You can make church visitors feel welcome by following these five tips.

Start with a simple greeting and create opportunities for regular members to introduce themselves. Make sure your service is easy to follow. You can nurture visitors after the service and encourage members to become personally involved in the new people they meet. Always keep the main focus of your service on the worship and honor of God.


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