Ngwelezana church needs help with construction


HAVING collapsed more than three times since construction began, God Seekers Church in Mhlanga Game Reserve, Ngwelezana is in dire need of help with the completion of the half-built structure.

When completed, the structure is designed to house the brethren of the church, provide space for community events, as well as church functions including weddings and funerals.

Church leader and pastor Steven Kabeyamaka last week pleaded with the community to help it continue its development.

“When we started building, the weather was quite bad, with frequent rains. The most recent incident was due to high winds,” Kabeyamaka said.

“In this area, community members do not have a community hall. When we arrived, the area was isolated. As the community grows, they will use the church for functions.

“We need the help of community members to be able to complete the building.
“We don’t need a fancy church.

“Any donations that may be offered by members of the community will be greatly appreciated,” he concluded.
Anyone willing and able to help can contact 082 0562617.


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