One dead, 5 injured in shooting at church service; suspect detained


One person was killed and five others were injured in a shooting at an Asian churchgoer’s gathering in Southern California on Sunday (local time), the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said. In the latest update, law enforcement informed that worshipers managed to arrest the gunman at the Presbyterian Church in Geneva, who shot several people and called their intervention an act of heroism and exceptional bravery”.

Police, according to AP, said the suspect in the shooting is an Asian man in his 60s who investigators believe is not part of the community. Police also said that by the time they arrived at the scene, the man was tied up by parishioners and detained by worshippers. Investigators were interviewing about 30 to 40 witnesses.

The attack was reported at 1:26 p.m. in the retirement town of Laguna Woods, the department said. Among those injured, four suffered serious injuries, he added. The body of the deceased was discovered at the scene, sheriff’s officials said, adding that those injured have been hospitalized.

At least 30 people witnessed the crime

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Carrie Braun said there were at least 30 witnesses to the violence that took place at a Presbyterian church in a suburban Southern California community where the majority of residents are residents. the elderly. Braun also said most of the people inside the church would be of Taiwanese descent.

The gunshots had erupted during a lunch reception in honor of a former pastor of a Taiwanese congregation who even has services in Geneva, according to a press release from the Los Ranchos presbytery, an administrative body of the church. Tom Cramer of the rectory said in a Facebook statement, “Please keep the Taiwanese and Geneva congregation leaders in your prayers as they care for those traumatized by this shooting.”

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