Paralyzed Aging Legend of Ugandan Cranes ‘March’ During Church Service


In epochs 4 and 6 BC, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea during the days of Herod the king on the 25th.e December.

Until now, this date has remained crucial for all Christians around the world for centuries and decades now.

On the exact date of 2021, Christians and the sporting family of Caring Hearts Chruch – Kagula Hill in Wakiso District witnessed a great miracle as they celebrated the birth of Christ.

Aging Uganda Cranes international Samuel Baker Kasigwa left his wheelchair behind and shocked the congregation as he walked.

Confined in a wheelchair, Kasigwa, 87, had arrived at the church to pray with his wife and son.

As the senior pastor of the church, Paul Musisi led the intercessions, Christians witnessed a miracle when Kasirye stood up and managed to walk a few yards, much to the joy of the congregation.

Charles Baker Kasigwa (middle) raises his hand in prayer as Pastor Paul Musisi (right) prays

Pastor Musisi is also chairman of the Former Footballers Initiative (FFI), an active group that brings together retired footballers to Carter for their well-being in life after football.

“Dad has been unable to walk for two or three months,” his son revealed.

He added that “this is an important step and although he is still a long way from recovering from several ailments, we can enjoy it for Christmas.”

Kasigwa’s hand and left leg were paralyzed after a stroke and high blood pressure.

He recently had a brain scan (for a brain tumor) in the neurology department at Mulago Hospital.

A forward when he was a player, Kasigwa was part of the Uganda Cranes squad who made their first visit to the UK.

Uganda Cranes were invited for a tour of England in 1956 upon their arrival on 23e August and left on the 5the October after playing 11 games.

Most of these players played barefoot (only two of them wore boots), winning three times, drawing and losing seven games.

During this tour, Uganda Cranes beat United Kingdom Olympic, Southall and Leeds & District FA by an identical score of 2-1 each.

Charles Baker Kasigwa

Kasigwa now lives in the village of Kisaaliza, Masindi and he is the last survivor of this harvest of valiant players.

In 2017, FUFA President Moses Hassim Magogo rewarded Kasigwa with a plaque and money (Shs 1M) which left the legend very excited and in tears.

“Honoring me is a great achievement for FUFA. I thank the executive of FUFA and Eng. Moïse Magogo for this generosity. Keep rewarding successful people, ”remarked Kasigwa, who has also played for Ugandan Railway Clubs, Lint Marketing Board and Pepsi Cola.

FUFA President Ing. Moïse Magogo rewards Charles Baker Kasigwa with a plaque in Masindi

After retiring as a player, Kasigwa coached Lint Marketing Board and Uganda Commercial Bank.

Kasigwa and many sporting legends elsewhere in the country need an urgent address with the ultimate care to appreciate the services they have offered during the good active days.


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