Pastor riding from Iowa to New Hampshire to help church work


NASHUA, Iowa (AP) — A pastor and cycling enthusiast is traveling 1,500 miles from Nashua, Iowa, back to his home in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Reverend Andy Armstrong began his walk at Little Brown Church on Friday, May 13 to bring attention to needed renovations at the First Church, where he is pastoring.

The First Church needs nearly $150,000 to repair its church bells. The church was built in 1893 and houses 15 bells on display for the first time at the Chicago World’s Fair.

But an engineer’s assessment indicates that age and the effects of weather are weighing on the structural components of the bells.

To raise awareness, Armstrong traveled to Nashua, Iowa, and was greeted by Mayor Alex Anthofer and Little Brown Church pastor Reverend Drew McHolm.

Before visiting the church, Armstrong gave Anthofer a key to his New Hampshire town.

“I have a good feeling that (Armstrong) and I are going to talk back and forth, and I hope he comes back,” Anthofer told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier. “I think it would be exciting to go there and see Nashua in person.”

Nashua was originally called Bridgeport, then Woodbridge. The town chose the name Nashua in honor of two brothers who came from Nashua, New Hampshire. One owned a grocery store and the other was building a steam sawmill.

Armstrong’s ride is called Tower to Tower and it will cross eight states. His stops in Iowa include Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and Muscatine before crossing the Mississippi to Illinois.

Armstrong says he won’t be selling, but will tell people the purpose of his ride if asked.

“Most people I meet will be about hospitality,” Armstrong said. “But, those moments of God are also going to happen. I will be grateful for the hospitality first and foremost. And when this stuff happens, the spirit leads.


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