Pastor, wife assaulted during church service


A person of interest is in custody after a brazen attack on a Saint-Jacques church on Sunday morning.

Police Public Relations Officer Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss has confirmed that the alleged prepper is currently assisting officers at Holetown Police Station in connection with the assault on the Church of God pastor of the New Testament (NTCOG) Sion Hill, St. James, Reverend Gregory Holder and his wife Alison Holder.

Shockwaves echoed across Sion Hill and on social media after part of the attack was caught on camera. While delivering a sermon, the assistant pastor, the Reverend Ambrose Headley, was repeatedly interrupted by a man. Although the individual was not seen on camera, his voice was heard making several remarks as he approached the platform.

The faithful tried to calm the situation through prayer, but a complete ruckus ensued. Objects were thrown and thrown to the ground, including the camera streaming the live service online, as cries for help and prayers could be heard.

After the incident was brought under control, First Lady Holder returned to assure supporters the situation was being handled and alleged the assault began after they refused to give in to the suspect’s request to “stop fighting.” ‘calling the name of Jesus’.

She said that as a result, he spat in her face and the pastor’s face and physically assaulted Reverend Holder. In the video, the pastor can be seen wearing what appeared to be a bloody shirt.

“That’s how he left the pastor…” the distraught incumbent said.

“We submitted this matter to the Lord, but we also called the [Barbados Police Service],” she added.

Holder also showed cuts to the suspect’s lower lip who allegedly handcuffed her across the face and lamented: ‘This country must be a safe country where we can worship God in peace. He destroyed all our pews in his rage.

Due to the incident, NTCOG was forced to postpone its evening service. (CC)

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