The Conroe Church is damaged by several bullets


Police are investigating shootings at a property near a church in Conroe as his pastor denounces gunshot damage to the shrine.

Separate shootings at a property adjacent to the HopeWell Community Church at 617 F Avenue took place on Friday and Saturday, according to the Conroe Police Department.

Nearly two dozen bullet holes were found in the church, according to ABC 13.

“It’s heartbreaking. This is the house of God, ”Pastor Milton Taylor told the outlet.

Conroe police have been alerted by media to the bullet holes in the back of the church, the department has revealed. The shootings, however, were linked to the neighboring property and its occupants, the department added.

“The evidence indicates that the target of the shots fired was the neighboring property and not the church. These incidents are the subject of an investigation and no other information is available for the moment ”, indicates a press release from the department. “Based on the statements and evidence obtained during the investigation, the police department is satisfied that the Hopewell Community Church was not the target of the shootings.”

Anyone with information relating to these incidents is asked to call Conroe Police at 936-522-3200.

The old church structure was devastated by a tornado in 2016, according to a 2019 article published by the Courier newspaper. In addition, a pecan tree fell on the 80-member church, a 2001 story detailed in the Courier.

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