The historic church next to the Jefferson Hotel is to be demolished


RICHMOND, Va. — Time is running out for conservationists trying to save a historic building after the owners of the Jefferson Hotel signed off on a permit to demolish the closed Second Baptist Church.

A city spokesperson said the Jefferson obtained a permit in 1992, which was the first step in demolishing the building next to the hotel.

While officials initially believed the permit had expired, upon further review, city officials discovered that the permit was still valid.

A spokesperson for the Historic Richmond group said they contacted The Jefferson and offered to partner to find ways to preserve the church and adapt it to the hotel. But that group said hotel officials refused.

Richmond historical officials staged a protest outside the church on Saturday.

“It’s on the chopping block,” said Jennie Dotts of Historic Richmond, pointing to the church. “If this demolition is imminent and there are no plans to replace it, do we really need a city with one more landfill landmark? I do not think so.

Group members said they had exhausted all options to save the structure.

Hotel officials did not comment.


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