The Queen will miss the Holy Thursday church service

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The Queen has pulled out of the annual Maundy Thursday church service for the first time since 1970.

Her Majesty will instead be represented by the Prince of Wales, Buckingham Palace has announced.

The service is due to take place on April 14 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

This will be the first time the Queen will be represented at the service by Prince Charles.

He will be accompanied at the event by the Duchess of Cornwall.

The service is held annually on Maundy Thursday – also known as Maundy Thursday in some countries.

The holy day falls on the Thursday before Easter Sunday and commemorates Jesus washing the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper.

During the annual religious service, silver coins called “Maundy money” are traditionally distributed to local pensioners.

The queen’s withdrawal was reportedly decided a week in advance to avoid any disruption of service.

This comes at a time when the queen has mobility issues.

Many recent engagements have been attended virtually by the Queen. At the Thanksgiving service for the Duke of Edinburgh last month, she used a cane.

A palace source said The telegraph: “The emerging mobility issues make it difficult for the Queen to predict in advance whether she can attend a particular event.

“If an event requires advance notice for the printing of service orders and other documents, such as Royal Maundy, it makes things much more difficult.

“She felt it would be best to clarify at this stage that she would not be attending, so as not to overshadow the service by retiring closer to the time.”

Source: taken from Christian Today.


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