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Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Titans season 4 episode 1 & 2.Although both were introduced in titans Season 4 premiere, the villainous plans of Lex Luthor and the Church of Blood seem to be at odds with each other. The first two episodes of Titans Season 4 was filled with sinister plans and conflict as the show established its versions of Lex Luthor (Titus Welliver), Brother Blood (Joseph Morgan), and Mother Mayhem (Franka Potente). Although the new season is already full of threats for the Titans, some believe that the new season could also bring the return of the demon Trigon.


Titans season 4 picks up shortly after season 3 ends, with the team traveling to Metropolis so that Starfire and Beast Boy can have their powers analyzed at S.T.A.R. Labs, while Superboy is finally promised a chance to meet Superman. Unfortunately, disaster drags Superman out, leaving Conner disappointed and open to an invitation to meet Lex Luthor, who was responsible for cloning him. This leads to the bizarre deaths of several LexCorp executives (including Lex Luthor himself) and the Titans investigating a series of gory murders facilitated by a strange cult-bound masked figure who has ties to Lex Luthor and his latest project. .

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What we know about Lex Luthor’s plan in Titans Season 4

When Lex Luthor first appears in Titans season 4, he took over a site called the Temple of Azarath and fired the employee, May Bennett, who spent over five years searching for him. This points to an apparent difference between Titans‘ Lex Luthor and the more traditional portrayals where Luthor is a man of science who doesn’t trust magic or faith. This difference is explained when Luthor meets Superboy, and explains that he is dying of Kryptonite poisoning, but that “death may not be the enemy I thought it was.“Unfortunately, Luthor began coughing up blood and died before he had a chance to explain a book full of mystical writings he had or identify his partners who had”thoughts even darker than me.”

There are good reasons to fear that Titans season 4 might introduce Lex Luthor only to kill him off for shock value. The same thing happened with the Joker’s off-screen death in Titans‘ Season 3 premiere. However, Titans‘ showrunner Greg Walker hinted that Lex Luthor’s death may not be permanent, stating that “… [we] Play fast and free with death on Titans. So no one is really dead.”

With his plans for the Temple of Azarath seemingly thwarted, there is another possibility to resurrect Lex Luthor. Nightwing’s research into Luthor’s latest activities revealed Luthor’s consultation with Dr. Arthur Holmwood. Besides being the world’s leading authority on kryptonite poisoning, Holmwood had a theory about the use of “radical massive transfusionsto treat incurable conditions. Although the possibility of Luthor harvesting Superboy’s organs is raised, they do not consider Luthor trying to transplant his brain into Superboy’s body. This would put a dark spin on Luthor’s solution to his poisoning. to kryptonite in the comics, where he had his brain placed in a clone body and then impersonated his own son for several years, which could explain Luthor’s sudden interest in Superboy and his encounter with him to gain his trust.

Titans Season 4 Blood Church Explained

It seems unlikely that the Temple of Azarath features in Luthor’s resurrection, given that May Bennett was assumed to be responsible for his death. Bennett was revealed to be Mother Mayhem and lead the Church of Blood in Titans season 4, episode 2, “Mother Mayhem”. This version of Mother Mayhem is drastically different from the comics, where most versions of Mother Mayhem were the favorite husband of the true leader of the Church of Blood, Brother Blood, and had no mystical powers of their own.

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In the classic New Teen Titans comics, the Church of Blood was a cult founded on the island nation of Zandia. The Titans first encountered the Church as their leader, Brother Sebastian Blood VIII, attempted to expand it in America. Brother Blood quickly established himself as one of the greatest Titans villains alongside Trigon and Deathstroke. With help from Mother Mayhem, Brother Blood began to gain followers from all walks of life, including government officials and corporate bigwigs, with the ultimate goal of taking over the world. A retcon after Crisis on Infinite Earths changed Brother Blood somewhat, reimagining him as an acolyte of Trigon whose blood magic was specifically demonic in nature.

TitansThe take on the Church of Blood is quite different, with Mother Mayhem clearly in charge of the dark rites that take place at the Temple of Azarath. Titans season 4 introduced a character named Sebastian Sanger, who had dark visions of blood independent of the Church of Blood’s activities. It’s unclear if this Sebastian will be established as a lost son of Mother Mayhem or if the title of Brother Blood will be passed down differently than in the comics, where he passed from father to son.

How Raven is Connected to Titans Season 4 Villains

In either case, the cult of Trigon of Titans season 1 seems to share some of the same rituals as the Church of Blood. Both cults also have an interest in Raven, which would make sense if TitansBrother Blood’s version also derives his power from Trigon like in the Post-Crisis comics. These comics also introduced a new Brother Blood (a teenaged Sebastian Blood IX) who sought to make Raven his bride and the new Mother Mayhem, so he could steal her power as part of a dark prophecy that unfolds. would end with his conquest of the world. Titans Season 4 may have taken a few steps in that direction already, as the Titans’ battle with Mother Mayhem seemingly ended with Raven undergoing a magical transformation and losing her powers, her hair turning white, and her Chakra gem disappearing. The connection is made even more evident by the final scene of Titans season 4, episode 2, “Mother Mayhem”, where the blood church sings the words “Azarath Metrion Zinthos” during their ritual. Beyond being an Easter egg for the The Teen Titans Go! cartoons where these are the magic words Raven used to cast spells, Angela Azarath was the name used by Raven’s mother in Titans season 1. Azarath is also the name of the mystical realm where Raven was raised and learned to fight her father’s influence in the Teen Titans comics.

Will Trigon appear in Titans Season 4?

Beyond the comic book nods, there’s good reason to believe Trigon will return in Titans season 4. The architecture of the Temple of Azarath is dominated by glowing red eyes, which resemble the eyes of Trigon. Beyond that, bringing Trigon back would allow Titans do something worthy of one of DC Comics’ greatest villains after his very disappointing manifestation in Titans‘ Season 2 premiere. More Titans fans felt that Trigon was beaten too easily in this appearance and bringing him back against a more experienced Raven would restore their reputations.

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