Woman fired from church service after mistaking cilantro for weed


A practitioner pleads with the accusers to smell the plant to confirm that she did not bring drugs to the place of worship.

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An Oklahoma woman feels anything but welcome after saying she was kicked out of church for “weed” when in fact the green substance in question was nothing but cilantro.

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In a video recently posted to TikTok, which has since gone viral and is believed to be from the woman, she says she isn’t looking to fuss or build sympathy. She just checked off that she was kicked out before any verification to make sure the claim was, in fact, correct.

“They didn’t even let me explain!” They automatically accused me !! I wasn’t looking for people to feel bad for us, I just wanted to share! Note the header of the video which currently shows 560,200 likes and 11,700 shares.

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“It’s not weed,” one woman hears say, before adding what looks like, “it’s for menudo (a traditional Filipino stew). Ask anyone there. -inside.

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She later tells someone asking her to leave. “I’m not like that. That’s why I’m so angry,” she says, telling the person she’ll be leaving, but asks them to smell her just to confirm it’s not. drug.

A man identifying himself as the pastor then asks him to take a break so the two can discuss the matter.

The woman, who got angry, begins to cry before the end of the video, apparently at the Redemption United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City.

According to News week, “It wasn’t until the Pastor appeared and asked Ashley to ‘relax’ so he could finish his sermon that the comments section went wild in TikToker’s defense.”

In an interview with KOCO News, the woman allegedly said she brought Menudo in a plastic bag with all the garnishes, including onion, lime, cilantro and oregano. She and her sister had planned to have the meal at church, as they had done before.

Church statement acknowledges November 14 incident involved “one person who was upset because staff did not allow him to give a bag of food to a family member who is an inmate attending church services “. KOCO News reports.

The church is involved in a program that allows inmates to attend service. That said, inmates “are not allowed to give food to inmates to bring back to correctional facilities,” he adds.

Medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma, but recreational cannabis is not.

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