Wycliffe United Reformed Church Hall demolition project denied


A building permit application sought to raze the Memorial Hall at Wycliffe United Reformed Church in Bewsey, which dates back to 1901 but is currently unused.

But the proposals were rejected by the council on Tuesday, December 7.

WBC’s denial notice stated: “The proposed development will result in significant damage to the historic environment that is not outweighed by the public interest and, as such, is unacceptable.

“The proposal would not improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the area, is not in line with the development plan and therefore does not include sustainable development.

“There were no changes to the schedule or to any conditions that could reasonably have been imposed that would have made the development acceptable and therefore it was not possible to approve the request.”

Documents submitted by the applicant indicated that the Edgworth Street building is now “in a state of disrepair and has fallen into disuse”.

The area would have been paved to provide additional parking for the church if the plans had been passed.

In September, the council also refused a building permit for repairs to the structure because they would be “detrimental to its appearance”.

A church spokesperson told the Warrington Guardian when the demolition request was first filed last year: “The church has already applied for a building permit to replace the roof, but the build was refused on the grounds that the proposals were not comparable.

“The problem is that the wishes of the preservative cannot be fulfilled as the cost of an identical replacement would be outrageous and, anyway, the original roof design proved to be responsible for many problems. of the room.

“The intention is to install a new roof over the parish hall which is in harmony with the chapel, hall and conservation area, but which is also affordable.

“It is only if permission is not obtained for this modified roof design that the trust will have to fall back on alternative proposals to demolish the hall as this will represent a danger to the public and it will not be possible for the trust and the church to keep it safe and in good repair.


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